Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope you got the day off or have been enjoying some R&R.

Now a few days ago I was talking about Labor Day with my boss when they asked, “Why do we celebrate Labor Day?” Most of us just know Labor Day as a day off from work or school (mainly west coast schools) or the ending of summer and that school will be beginning (mainly east coast schools), but why did this day become a holiday to celebrate?

It got me thinking, “This would be a great thing to write about!” and away I went to actually finding out its history as I never really knew nor cared why before of its reasoning why it became a national holiday.
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Calculate Your Dog’s Age

I happen to find an article that dogs age a lot faster than humans and wanted to share it with you. So at some point you’ve probably heard that a dog’s age was 7 years for each calendar year.

In actuality, they age a lot faster than that and the calculations are different and vary per size. As shown in the chart below.

Dog Aging ChartAs you can see from this chart, all dogs up until two years old will age the same no matter the size. Once the dogs turn three and afterwards, their age in dog years will depend on their size. Continue reading

Chibi Shiba Revived

Konnichiwa just wanted to say ‘Sorry’ for being gone for so long and the blog being in hiatus for all this time.

A new post that you might enjoy to come soon… Hopefully a lot more after that too.

Very apologetic,

A Sunday Morning

These were taken last Sunday when they went out for their potty break and went to the apt complex’s little dog park. They were the only dogs there at 9AM in the morning. Shoko was off explorin’ so this is all about Blitz; who we got back in August.

Blitz lying in grass

Blitz you’re so far! Come closer…

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Awesome new anime series fall/winter

So apparently it’s the fall/winter season for new anime series and I gotta say I’m excited for all these good new anime series that have just started.

It was a hit and miss with the series that came out during the summer.

Here is a list of all the new series (in no particular order) that I noticed that came out and have watched at least the first episode. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why I Love Shiba Inus

I love all dogs but I love Shiba Inu’s the most. If I could I would probably get another.

Just got our 2nd dog named Blitz a month ago. No he is not a Shiba but still isn’t he a cutie?
Blitz on a cloudy day
So I won’t be getting another dog anytime soon. Unfortunately…

Huh? What? I didn’t say anything… >.>

So back to Shiba Inus. I love everything about Shibas even their bad points, which I may mention in another post, but for now I’ll mention 5 things I love about Shibas. Now bear in mind there aren’t many Shiba Inus in Arizona (or at least in Phoenix) and we don’t meet other Shiba Inu’s which is unfortunate so my list is based off Shoko. So some of these may not apply to other or normal Shibas. I’m sure Shoko is not like a normal Shiba. She is very quirky. Continue reading

RE: Alistair++ – A Fun and Free Otome Game

So a few weeks ago I was looking for otome games and I found this game called RE: Alistar++ on Sayuri Studios website. It is a free to play dating sim game.

RE: Alistar++ Cover

It is a cute and fun game to play and it being free to play helps if you have a tight budget and can’t afford to buy all these great otome & visual novel games out there. Continue reading